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Landslide Prevention Tiburon CA

There is nothing as stressful as having a landslide on your property. All the way back to the epic storm of 1982, Westward Builders has been the contractor called when Bay Area property owners had a landslide occur.

Most major landslides start out as a small slide, but left unaddressed, a small slide will grow into a more costly issue. Should you see soil on your hillside moving, make sure Westward Builders is your first call. We work with experienced Geotechnical Engineers that can design a permanent fix to protect hillsides from further damage.

One exceptional slide project we were called to assist with makes a great example: We were called on a Monday morning because the homeowner thought his house was moving. We were able to get the existing foundation supported with an underpinning pier by Friday afternoon. When we returned after the weekend, the soil beneath the entire corner of the home had slid away so far that you could see daylight under the original foundation. Had the homeowner not called Westward Builders at the first sign of movement, the entire home would have been a complete loss.

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